8 – Grasse

March 22, 2023
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Camping Neptune was ok, but we are looking for a place to stay right besides the beach. Given it is March 22th this would still be possible, albeit we will have to pay for it since not many camper places and campings are open yet. Season will open April 1st. The plots we found that are available are small confined spaces cramped with campers, no more than parking lots. Mostly behind bars and situated at the dirty edge of industrial areas. But camperfolk seem to love this. So they can peak in each others worlds and secretly critize each other. Never understood this: you drive 1000's of miles to stay close together on a concrete parking lot?

Not for us. We drive on.


Sometimes you find a nice spot, and sometimes you don't. This one was the latter. Again through France -Passion we parked at the suburb, next to the main road, on a parking lot of a most charming little locale produce shop: Espace Terroirs. But it is busy, people are coming and going, getting their groceries, driving in and out the parking area.

We buy some Paté de Canard...which we eat at once 🙂

Around 20:00 it start to become more quiet, allthough the noise of the motors keep on going for the rest of the night. You can tell it is a constant noisy place, since the blackbirds sing much louder here. Evolution at its best.

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8 – Grasse

Camping Neptune was ok, but we are looking for a place to stay right besides the beach. Given it is March 22th this would still be possible, albeit we will have to pay for …
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