Hi, we are Jacob and Maggie


We live in a campervan. We travel through Europe searching for the quiet and the unexpected. We document our adventures here on our website and our Youtube channel. 
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We enjoy nature, countrylife, hiking, biking, healthy food and the company of friendly people.
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This is our Campervan, our Birdhouse. This is what we call home. We have been living in our camper for some time and we enjoy the small and quiet life. it is comfortable, cozy and provides us with all our needs.

Maggie is a Musician


As Post Graduate in oboe, Maggie has been performing for 40 years as artist in various orchestras and ensembles around the world. She is a renowned teacher famous for her abilities to lead students of all ages on a enchanting journey through the musical landscape.

Jacob is a Sound Designer

Jacob has been designing feature films, television series, commercials, documentaries, cartoons, has composed and mixed contemporary and classical music. He has worked with major brands, market leaders and captains of industry.  


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